Sheet Metal Roofing across Dallas and Fort Worth, TX

Turn to Renown Roofing and Construction in the DFW metroplex for durable, reliable, and stylish sheet metal roofs. Sheet metal is a cost effective solution for nearly any building, coated with a weather resistant material that looks great and stands up to time.

Long life cycle

Sheet metal roofing is durable, incredibly weather resistant, and can perform well for more than 15 to 40 years. This makes this roof system one of the longer lasting options available to you.


This material is fairly lightweight so it does not put too much pressure on the property structure. Other roof types are much heavier than this type and so they require additional support to be built into the structure in order to simply bear the weight of the roof.
Sheet metal roof - roof in Dallas and Fort Worth, TX

Versatile and Attractive Design

These roof systems are available in a wide variety of colors, shapes and styles. This material is like a chameleon, and with the many different coatings and treatments available, Renown Roofing and Construction can make just about any style of roofing you can imagine. Many people are surprised to see how attractive this type of roof system can make their property appear.

Affordable and Cost Effective:

One of the reasons sheet metal roofing systems are so popular also is because of their moderate pricing. With all the benefits derived from this great invention, one would think they would be more expensive, but the materials cost are moderately priced so, Renown Roofing and Construction is able to pass the savings along to you, our valued customer.

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“Responsive roofer, knowledgeable and provided outstanding service. Renown Construction replaced my roof, gutters, and fence after a recent hail storm had destroyed them and were finished in a timely manner – Thank You RENOWN !”

- Jennifer Somner