Roofing Repairs for Residential, Commercial Roofs in Dallas and Fort Worth, TX

You work hard to keep a roof over your head. Renown Roofing and Construction works harder to keep that roof in good condition. Your roof is the first line of defense to protect you and your building from the elements.

Roof Repairs

Trust the professional team of roofing experts at Renown Roofing and Construction throughout the DFW area to keep you safe and dry. We repair and install rubber, metal, synthetic slate and asphalt shingle roofs for homes and businesses across North Texas. From small repairs and patches to storm damage and large accidents, we can handle it all!
Renown Roofing and Construction is qualified to work with insurance claims for any size repair project. We can provide a full roof tear off for old, damaged roofs and repair or replace those weakened by weather or age.
Roof Repair - roof in Dallas and Fort Worth, TX
Not sure what sort of service your roof requires? Call us today at 972-638-9738 and ask us about our FREE Roof Inspection! Valued at up to $995, but provided at no cost or obligation to you, our experts examine the job site and any existing roof to determine the condition and possible courses of action. You'll receive a detailed report so you can make an informed decision to fix your roof.

Emergency Service

When disaster strikes, you can't wait to have your roof repaired. A damaged roof can post danger to both the building and it's occupants. Call our team at (972) 638-9738 immediately for emergency roofing service.
In the meantime, there are steps to take to minimize damage and save your property.
1. Call (972) 638-9738 to get the best roofers in DFW on the job. Guide the leakage into a leak-proof containers determined by the scale and force of the leak. You can make use of a decent trashcan, big plastic food container/bowl, or even some other sort of item which has a large opening towards the top to capture the rainwater which is sizable enough to contain all of the the water that drips during the course of time you will not be tending to the leak.
2. Re-position any possessions away from the section of the leak. Electronic components, furnishings, clothes, books and whatever else valuable needs to be moved far away from the place where the roof leak repairs will take place. If you notice that water is soaking a sizable amount of the ceiling in the space or room of the leak, then you will want to clear out all valuables from the room completely.
3. NEVER attempt your own roof leak repairs by taping duck tape to the ceiling or stopping up the ceiling leak. This could potentially cause the water to pool in your ceiling, soak it and fall all the way through with a much larger leak compared to what you started with. The smartest thing to do is let the leak drain out into the leak-proof containers until the roofing experts from Renown Roofing and Construction can show up and assist.
Never let a leaky roof put you out of business. Call Renown Roofing and Construction today at 972-638-9738.
“Everybody from Renown Roofing and Construction worked great with me. They had to come back to pick up some nails the next day, but they came within an hour of me asking. I was very pleased.”

- N.T.T. ~ Roofing – Lewisville, TX