Metal Roofing in the Dallas and Fort Worth Area

Looking for a durable and lightweight alternative to shingles? Metal or stone coated steel roofing by Renown Roofing and Construction in the DFW area is a flexible option for any home or building!
We use Gerard and DECRA metal roofing systems to give your home a roof that will look great and stand up to anything mother nature can throw at it. Gerard and DECRA roofing are made right here in the United States and is available in a variety of different styles, including stone-coated steel for a more natural look.
Metal roofing gives you total flexibility with your home. Stone coated steel tiles can give you a traditional look of shingle and tile homes, but with all the durability and flexibility of metal roofs.
Brown roof - residential in Dallas and Fort Worth, TX

Long Life Cycle

The roof is durable and can perform well for 20 to 50+ years. That makes this roof system one of the longest lasting options available to the North Texas area.


This material is fairly lightweight so it does not put too much pressure on the property structure. Other roof types are much heavier than this type and so they require additional support to be built into the structure in order to simply bear the weight of the roof.
Red Residential house - residential in Dallas and Fort Worth, TX
Residential house with flowers - residential in Dallas and Fort Worth, TX
Image of a roof - residential in Dallas and Fort Worth, TX

Versatile, Attractive Design

These roof systems are available in a wide variety of colors, shapes and styles. This material is like a chameleon; it can be made to look like just about anything. Many people are surprised to see how attractive this type of roof system can make their property appear.

Lower Insurance Premiums

One of the reasons metal roofing systems are so popular also is because of their externalities. With their durability, homeowners insurance premiums can fall as much as 30%, putting money back into your pocket.
Discover how metal or stone coated steel roofing can be the answer for your home or building! Call Renown Roofing and Construction today at 972-638-9738, or visit our FREE Inspection and Estimate page to learn more about our free gift to you, up to a $995 value!
“Renown Roofing and Construction was very professional. Matt Middleton, my salesperson, spent a lot of time with us. He educated us on the product, rather than selling it. He was very professional. Matt Middleton and the crew were amazing. They kept me updated with everything going on. It was a brilliant experience. I would definitely recommend Renown Roofing and Construction.”

- Anand C.